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3 Reasons You Must Have A
Marketer Develop Your Website. 

3 Reasons You Must Have A
Developer Market Your Website. 

1. Because Pretty Doesn't Sell.
Don't get me wrong, it can help. But what really sells on a website is clear messaging with clear calls to action, clear features with benefits, and clear navigation through the conversion process.
Who would you rather have pitching your clients 24/7, Donald Trump or Vincent VanGogh?

2. Website Marketing Needs to Be "Baked In".
Accessibility, architecture, keyword usage, and landing page optimization are just a few of the pre-development decisions that can play a huge role in your marketing later on.
Hiring a company that focuses only on the design will paint you into a corner when the time comes to make money. You are trying to make money...right?

3. Marketers Make Money For Clients, Designers Make Money For Themselves.
It's true.  Marketers like us can't sleep at night because we're thinking of new ways to get more sales for our clients. Designers lay awake pondering how to get people to finance their "vision".
Do you want to make money... or support the arts?

1. Marketing Degrees Don't Get You On Google.
MBAs won't either, but proper title tags, search engine friendly URLs, internal anchor text, site architecture, pagination, image alt text, sitemaps, robots.txt files, and 301 redirects within your .htaccess will get you to the top of Google.

2. Traditional Marketers Waste Money.
Billboards, TV, radio, newspaper, direct mail, etc. are expensive ways to interrupt and inconvenience the wrong people and it's what traditional marketers rely on.
Web developers understand delivering the right message to the right person at the right time because it's what the web is all about!
Have they told you it's all about branding? HA!

3. Three Words: Conversion Rate Optimization
CRO involves showing two or more versions of your website to visitors to track the rates of conversion and identify the design or text that makes the most sales.
It's the hottest thing in internet marketing right now for good reason: it makes tons of money. Does your Wharton MBA know how to write the code, run the tests, and analyze the data?